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Texas Chain Massacre Leatherface Child Scary Mask for Sale

Texas Chain Massacre Leatherface Child Scary Mask image 1Do you wish to turn your kids’ party into a nightmare? Well, the only thing you should try is going to the Texas Chain Massacre Leatherface Child Scary Mask for sale. This is one of the most popular masks among kids and they should love it if you buy one.

Featured Product For Texas Chain Massacre Leatherface Child Scary Mask :

Rubies leather child scary mask seems to be kid’s favorite for its creepy face and comfortable material. Let’s take a sneak peek:

  • Dimension – The mask has 12-inch high and 4-inch wide with one size fits.
  • Material – It is made of vinyl resulting a lightweight mask to wear in a long time.
  • Features – The mask includes hair to cover the head and makes it look even more real.
  • License – This has been licensed by the Texas Chainsaw officially.

The mask seems to be fair with $16.67. It feels like the plastic texture but so flexible to wear. Your kids can wear it for a costum party or prank everyone. This is suitable for any costume they wish to wear.

What makes the mask looks great is this fits adults with a smaller face, but it is a little bit tight. Some people love to pair the mask with the worn out clothes and they bring chainsaw or stick to scare everyone. Your kids must love it very much.


There is no perfect mask. It always has some drawbacks to know before making a purchase. Some parents reported their kids’ head didn’t fit with the mask. If your kid has a melon face or a big head, this, of course, needs the effort to fit it properly.

Besides,  the hair smashed above and couldn’t go down. Some kids might complain about it. Some issues also found when the costumes found the hair fell out multiple times and they should glue it soon. However, not all products come with this case. This might due to lack of control.

Apart from that, the costume party is coming. You probably have no time to search the best mask for you and your kids. Despite the drawbacks from customers, many people love it due to the face. It is scary and works well to prank everyone in the party. If your kids wish to win the competition, the mask is worth to be your kid’s stuff to compete.

Of course, there are still many types of mask and costumes you can find in Rubie’s Costume. They provide you the best Halloween accessories including Starr wars, Batman, Spider-man, Harley Quinn, Harry Potter and other scary mask and costumes that are adapted from famous movies. Your kids will like it very much. With a high-quality material, the manufacturer ensures everyone will happy to wear it in the long night.

So are you ready to catch the attention and win the night? Texas Chain Massacre Leatherface Child Scary Mask for sale is now available for you! Grab it fast before your time is running out!

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Texas Chain Massacre Leatherface Child Scary Mask image 1

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