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T-Rex Scary Mask For Kids Review – Amazon Bestseller

Your kids might love superheroes, but sometimes they just want to scare people. That’s why T-Rex scary mask for kids is available. This is a new mask from Rubie’s Costume with realistic dinosaurs face, making their playtime, party, and event become enjoyable. There’s no better way to please your kids except a great mask. Let’s take a sneak peek.

This is one of the most favorite masks in Amazon that features big eyes between the cheeks and eyes that eases your kids to see out. There are also nostrils for ease breathing.

At glance, the mask is a pretty expressive with an open mouth but it doesn’t have a hole. So, if you kids want to eat or drink something, it surely requires them to take off the mask multiple times. However, this is pretty good for active kids which large face and strong line to stick it on the face.

It is pretty impressive that let your kids wear the mask comfortably with a rubber material. It is more durable when you compare it with a plastic mask that is sold with the costume. However, some costumes just a little bit disappointed for just getting this item.

Some plastic masks hurt the face as the edges are sharp. That’s why we worry about it everytime we look for it for the kids. Thankfully, for the rubber material.


Despite the good things we see from the mask, probably you are disturbed with its smells. A customer complained it at the very first time the kid used it, it was smelly. It might have been due to the plastic packaging. You might need time to remove the odor.

Besides, it is better to ask the seller to include foam to keep this mask in its shape. Some costumers said they got the mask flattened which makes it look worn out.

Apart from that, it is worth it to have such mask for kids. The Rubie’s Costume seems pretty understand about what the costumers need. They know what material that is safe to wear by kids.

About Rubie’s Costume:

Rubie’s Costume is a family company that now has been growing to be the most prominent brand in the world producing mask and costume. Despite the Jurassic world mask, they also have several excellent collections, including; Star Wars, Harry Potter, DC Comic costumes, Marvel Costumes, featured character including Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, and another scary mask.

The material they bring always interesting with the most advanced technology. Comparing the price, it is pretty competitive and affordable. The T-Rex scary mask for kids is available at $9.02

Bring the joy through this gift. Your kids will love it very much, especially when the party is coming.

Featured Product For T-Rex Scary Mask for Kids :

  • 1″ high
  • 4″ wide
  • 3/4 Vinyl Jurassic World Indominus Rex mask
  • Weight – 8.8 ounces
  • Elastic and velcro closure
  • Sized for children
  • Officially licensed Jurassic World costume accessory, only items shipped and sold directly by Amazon can be guaranteed authentic
  • Create your own Jurassic World group with costumes and accessories from Rubie’s

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