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Silver Screen Edition Frankenstein Scary Mask For Sale

Silver Screen Edition Frankenstein Mask image 1Silver Screen Edition Frankenstein scary mask – Rubie’s Costume is a top leader in costume and mask market with high-quality material, excellent design and also competitive price. They have been in decades providing the best costume for any kind of event and party. As we found the Silver Screen Edition Frankenstein scary mask, we think it is pretty worthy to share it with you. If you are interested in the mask, let’s take a sneak peek!

Rubie’s Costume – Frankenstein Mask

This is a multi-color mask with 100% latex material. The mask is designed well that features Frankenstein’s face that covers your whole head. All overhead is made of latex, including the hair look. This is a one size mask that is officially licensed by universal studios. The mask is measured 14.4×8.8×8.1 inches.

The Mask At Glance

The mask doesn’t have an opening mouth, unfortunately, but it is still breathable with the right nostril size. The picture is pretty close to the real product. It is a great mask for you, especially if you are a 6.8 inches tall. But if you have shorter or taller height, this still good, with a little modification.

As the full mask that covers all over the head, this mask has a slit in the back to help you wear it easily. The neckline is down enough which your collar shirt can cover so you can look as realistic as you can be. You also have fake ears. You can make a couple of slits on the ears to wear the glasses. It is a comfortable roomy mask you will ever have.

Some Cons to Know

Apart from the good things you read, there are some drawbacks to underline. This mask actually works great for any kind of parties and performances. The problem that might disturb you is the eye holes which are very small so you might have to see the issue.

Some people also think the mask is too roomy so they need to fill it with newspaper so it can look great. Most people love to modify the mask and blow it with the dryer to get a more natural look. After few days, they get the mask with the scars on the face.

In term of price, some people that give four stars think it is a little bit pricey. However, they didn’t mind to buy this stuff for its quality and realistic look.

A $32.00 is pretty worthy of four stars out of five. What we like from the mask are the minor details. We love wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and mouth. You might feel not comfortable the get the mouth closed, but this is what makes this mask look so creepy.

The hair is printed on latex material, but this is great. If we see the positive thing, you don’t need to see the fake hair falls out. It helps you to keep it last longer anyway.

As a verdict, there is no such a perfect mask with that price. The overall look is pretty good. It is worth it to buy. This silver screen edition Frankenstein scary mask for sale can be your next choice.

Featured Product For Silver Screen Edition Frankenstein Scary Mask :

  • 100% latex
  • Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • Overhead latex frankenstein’s monster mask
  • Latex overhead mask stretches into place and stays in place
  • One size fits most
  • Officially licensed universal studios merchandise
  • Rubies costume company is a family owned business based in new york with more than 60 years of experience bringing children and adults the costumes and accessories they want to halloween and year-round dress up

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