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Night Stalker Scary Mask For Sale – Movie Quality Mask

So it is time to find out Night Starker Scary Mask for sale which you can buy from California Costumes. Do you always have problems with the Halloween mask? Well, then it is time to move to a custom that will do all the things better than the mask and make up can do.

This is a high quality scary masks for sale that comes with a hood that covers your whole head with scary demon’s face. This is a 100% PU Mask with ABS which is designed with one-size closure with 3.94 inches (H) x 1.97 inches (W). It features the rubber foam exterior and ghastly painted detailing with movable jaw. The move will simply follow your mouth movement allowing you feel comfortable with the long use.

What always becomes a problem is the need to open the costume or mask when you are thirsty or hungry. This causes resentment. This costume allows you to drink with a long straw. Isn’t that great you can still perform coolly without feeling thirsty before the show ends?

The mask comes with the hoodie. So you don’t need to wear wigs to cover your hair. Sometimes a mask doesn’t work if you want to prank your friend. They notice your hairstyle and your skin. This product offers you black fabric hoodie to cover your whole hair and neck. The mask is separated with the hoodie to ease you wear it.

What do the Costumers say about the Product?

night stalker mask image 4

The mask raised high stars from the costumes telling the opening mouth works well. The snarl looks amazing and the foam makes it perfectly well to wear.

For kids, the mask keeps them warm in the chilly night. It is a neat mas with solid foam material. You will perform so realistic with this costume.

Cost at $34, the mask is said to be worthy enough for such a high quality material and look. This fulfills all your need without an additional costume, wig or makeup instead.


If you have a big head with chubby cheeks, this will not work well as the mask will pinch out your cheeks. That’s why you need to consider this before making a purchase.

Apart from the weakness, this is a great mask that is ready to scare everyone. Many costumers said they were successful to prank the guest with a perfect snarl. Be careful with the kids since it is so scary. You might need to think twice before doing some pranks for them.


If you are the one that loves being so practical, hating makeup and wishing everything can be done in minutes, this mask is great for you. It comes with movable jaws so you can drink with a long straw without opening the mask. Everything is simple and good. Even, you can combine it with any kind of accessories, like a stave, for example, to make your appearance scarier. So, what are you waiting for? Halloween is closer and the Night Starker Scary Mask for sale is available now!

Featured Product For Men’s Night Stalker Scary Mask :

  • 100% PU Mask With ABS
  • One-Size closure
  • 3.94″ high
  • 1.97″ wide
  • Size: Standard
  • Rubber foam exterior
  • Ghastly painted detailing
  • Jaw moves when you move your mouth
  • Foam blocks included to adjust size and comfort

See Featured Image of Men’s Night Stalker Scary Mask :

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night stalker mask image 2

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