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Halloween Werewolf Scary Mask For Sale

Are you ready for A Halloween shock? This is the perfect custom ever if you want to scare your friends with something creepy at the midnight. The werewolf scary mask for sale is available on Amazon with excellent design.

I don’t know why this reminds me of Rob Stark in the Red Wedding of Game of Thrones! I think it will be perfect if you want to take this idea. Dress like a Rob Stark and wear the wolf mask to scare everyone or everyone will admire your custom instead.

You know Rob Stark is one of the major characters in Game of Thrones that was shot by arrows and the Freys cut his head and changed it with Grey Wind’s head, his dire wolf. That was the most epic tragedy that you can adapt from in the Halloween. It is too cool if you bring this episode back.

Here are some short details you should know:

  • Dimension: This mask is 4.72-inch high x 3.15-inch wide as one size fits for adults.
  • This is a PU Mask with werewolf look and it can cover your head as well.

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  • To create a real look, the manufacturer includes a set of self-adhesive foam blocks that prevents fogging. It is more comfortable to wear for the long night and make terrors!
  • The outer is made of polyurethane foam that is attached fur hood so your look will be real which this cover the head all around.
  • The inside look is the plastic shell that is attached foam with adjustable strap. The shell is around 9-inch and 7-inch.
  • There is a mouth snarling action! This is the most interesting feature as the wolf’s mouth will open as you open your mouth and close as you close your mouth. Isn’t that great?

How to Wear This Realistic Werewolf Mask with Simple Steps!

  • This mask works perfectly when you can snug fit inside. First, you need to try out and check it by opening your mouth to see whether this mask follows your face move.
  • After you find the most comfortable position, strap around your head to avoid shifting and then pull the fur hood.
  • If the mask is too loose, you can add more foam to make it fit with your face.

What do They Say about this Wolf Mask?

We summarized some good things you should read from Amazon about this mask. The mask is pretty scary for Halloween party. When you wear it well based on the instruction the party is yours!

Otherwise, Oneironaut said he often use it at the office at the moment we don’t want to talk and focuses on the task at hand. He also said he would get it one for his daughter with ADD. I don’t understand what he intended about, but I think this must be for something good!

See Featured Image of Werewolf Scary Mask:

California Costumes Werewolf Scary Mask for sale

So,what do you think? Is this great for yoru next Halloween? Grab this Werewolf scary mask, before you don’t have time to it!

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