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El Wire LED Kids Scary Halloween Mask for Sale

El Wire LED Kids Scary Mask image 3A monster loves the dark! But how you could make anyone know this exists if they can’t see your face? So, say bye to the conventional mask and move to the El Wire LED Kids Scary Halloween Mask for sale.

Unlike another convensional scary mask for kids, Ansee introduces the excellent mask design from the Purge Anarchy movie with a unique face. The mask features blue color with stiches on the lips and eyes. Your kids can wear it for any occasion, like a party, disco club, Birthday, Halloween, tenets or festivals.

The Ansee LED mask will work perfectly at the night. It features four light controls including light, slow flash, fast flash and off. It is safe for your kid’s eyes. Then, where to put the power pack? You can put it in the pocking or clothing. Besides, the creepy mask is made of plastic with a decent finish. It fits well to your kid’s face and safe even though they are active at the party. It features EL wire that can light up.

Product description:

  • 2pc AA battery (buy separated)
  • Battery pack (included)
  • Mask from plastic and EL wire
  • Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Age recommendations: 5-year above

The light of the mask is ok to see since you have enough space between the eyes and the light. The available wire color is blue. There are no other colors so far. It can be worn with glasses as well. The mask also has foam glued to the inside which makes it more comfortable compared to other products. It manages to last throughout the night with its quality. Keep in mind not to sit o the mask or crush it, so you will be fine with that. It is a perfect mask for kids and teenager.

Some Drawbacks to Know:

Apart from the high rating on Amazon, of course, thare are some drawbacks you should underline. The mask comes with a small side, so when you have bigger head or face, this would result in some problems. Especially if you have the melon head. This would not work better.

The low rating is also given by people that wish another color. It seems for some people, the blue color is not that scary.

Apart from that problem, this is an excellent mask that can be used for any occasion. Most customers say this Light up mask worked fine during the party. It is still scary.

By the conclusion, if you hate latex mask and want to boost a better look with another mask, you should go grab the light up mask soon you know buying a mask and then match it with the costume is not that easy. You need time to get the suitest one.

The Halloween party is coming, go shopping now and prank your friends! This mask is well-made with perfect face design. Kids will love it! Your kids probably win the costume contest! Add it to the wishlist now!

Featured Product For Best El Wire LED Kids Scary Halloween Mask :

  • The design of the mask is from The Purge Anarchy Movie. Unique Fashion Mask. Color is Blue.
  • Halloween mask – The Mask Can be used on any Occasional such as Party, Rave Parties, Discos, Clubs, Haloween , Birthdays, Festivals and Events.
  • Creepy masks – Comfortable fits conforms to your face. The mask control have 4 modes: Steady Light, Slow flash, Fast flash, Off
  • Costume masks – Clip the power pack to your pocket or onto your clothing. Takes two AA batteries (not included).
  • Scary costumes – The mask is made of plastic and has a decent finish with shine. It is awesome for party

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