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Child’s Predator 3/4 Vinyl Scary Mask for Sale

Childs Predator Vinyl scary Mask for sale image 1Child’s Predator 3/4 Vinyl Scary mask – It is time for the costum party! Everyone now can be proud of being ugly by doing makeups, customs or masks. Maybe you don’t really like superhero costume and we think that doesn’t work well if you wish to win the night.

It is from Rubie’s Costume with a vinyl material and predator face which is adapted from Alien VS Predator movie. The design is very realistic that covers 3/4 of the head. It is a one size fit which can be used by your kids without feeling suffer. The mask is officially licensed so it is safe.

Inside the Rubie’s Costume’s Scary Mask for Kids

It Fits Adult

If you are wondering why people buy child size, it is because they fit more snugly. Some adult mask is created too loose. However, don’t ever try the child size if you have a melon face and big head. This could hurt your face.

If it fits the adult, then your 10 or 11 years old kids can wear it as well.

Doesn’t Result in Odor

It is difficult to find the odorless mask, this Rubie’s Costume is one of the best. It is made of high-quality latex. With its thick design, the manufacturer ensures you get a sturdy mask that you can play with the kids.

Some Drawbacks to Know:

Apart from the good things we find with the mask, it is really difficult to get back in the original shape after your accidentally fold it. That’s why you have to be careful about storing and wearing the mask. Need foam or papers to be inserted inside the mask to make it stay in shape.

Besides, the strap seems cannot hold the mask well which some kids find it easier to fold it down. It probably will fit well when you change the strap to make it stronger to hold the mask.

Most customers also complained about the eyes hole which is a little bit small and difficult to see out. Even though the most kids have no problem with it, parents always put a little worry about it. You might need some upgrades with the eyes.

Featured Product For Child’s Predator 3/4 Vinyl Scary Mask :

  • Vinyl
  • Predator from the Alien vs. Predator movie
  • Vinyl mask
  • Covers 3/4 of the head
  • One size fits most children
  • Officially licensed mask

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Childs Predator Vinyl scary Mask for sale image 1

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