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New Blood Jason Voorhees Scary Mask For Sale

Deluxe Blood Jason Voorhees MaskIt is from Rubie’s Costume again! Halloween is coming, and we have no time to select the best costume or decide the best makeup at the upcoming party. Luckily we have the New Blood Jason Voorhees Scary Mask For Sale. It is one of best products from Rubie’s Costume with Jason Voorhees look for your perfect cosplay. Let’s take a sneak peek what features the company tries to offer.

Jason Voorhees Halloween Mask At Glance

The company brings a realistic look of Jason Voorhees mask that covers your face and the whole head. This feature neckline, deep enough for covering your neck.

Featured Product For Deluxe Blood Jason Voorhees Scary Mask :

  • Hand Wash
  • 2-Part collector quality mask
  • Officially licensed Friday the 13th mask, buy with confidence direct from Amazon
  • Look for Friday the 13th costumes, accessories, and décor
  • Material – the Jason Voorhees is made of 100% latex with two different parts. The overhead is made of latex and it is separated with the hockey mask.
  • Licensed – As usual, Rubie’s Costume always brings officially licensed product. This mask has been licensed officially so you can buy it confidently direct from Amazon
  • Size – With one size fits for all, the manufacturer ensures everyone can wear it; female or male. Even teens and adults can wear the mask.

The appearance of the mask is pretty impressive with many wounds on it. Many users prefer to apply blood gel to make it more realistic. It works much better with breathable material and fits well on the head due to the thin plastic. Some people prefer to cut a slit at the mouth for getting more air.

In terms of the mask size, it depends on the size of the head. 10-year old children might not fit with it if has a small head. However, you can buy a foam and cut it into pieces to make the mask works.

The mask is open back with the strap on its head so it will stick on the head very well and keep the mask on its face.

Blood Jason Voorhees halloween Mask

Some Drawbacks You Should Know

The mask unluckily doesn’t include the hair. The hockey mask also didn’t work well but it is still good. Luckily the under the mask is pretty cool with latex material and the hockey is removable. So the money is a payoff. Besides, some women with the smaller head will find it too big. Just be sure to buy foam to sug well.

In terms of price, we think it is pretty worth it with a realistic look, especially with the under the mask. You will spend more money if you wish a better quality. We can say the quality of the latex is 7 out of 10. You will not get this quality with such a price.

Another complain we found the most is the hockey mask which is too tiny. It is made of velcro. We also think that the advertisement results misleading after we found the product doesn’t include the hair. In fact, the customers didn’t accept a mask with hair. That’s why most of them are disappointed.

However, those drawbacks are still forgiven. When they wore it in the event, they still looked great as they can make some nice modifications.

The overall look is pretty good. The New Blood Jason Voorhees Scary Mask is still recommended for you. It is still creepy even though you will find some minor mistakes. But you will forget it after you wear it on the head.

See Featured Image of Deluxe Blood Jason Voorhees Scary Mask :

Blood Jason Voorhees Scary Mask

Blood Jason Voorhees Scary Mask image 3

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